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Effective as of May 21, 2022

The advertiser offers the client an advertisement package for promotion. After receipt and approval of a client’s completed purchasing form, the client will be entitled as an advertising client. By completing the purchasing form, the client declares itself familiar with the objective of the advertisement, and agrees to advertise only those inclusions which come within the scope of the Advertisement Package.


After which, the Advertisers will send the Memorandum of Agreement to the Client for the other terms and conditions that will supplement the agreement. Advertiser’s acceptance of an application represents a binding agreement for the advertisement package that is specified in the order confirmation from the advertisers.

The advertising service duration will only start once the advertisers have received the content of promotions provided by the client.

Promotions will be limited to clients approved by the Advertiser. An approved client may promote products, services, sales, and events. It is the responsibility of the advertising company to promote the store of the client and comply with all the rules and regulations. Advertisers reserve the right to refuse promotions or terminate a contract at any time, if the client does not comply with the regulations.

Once the Client contract to promotions purchasing form has been accepted and the client was completely complied, the client is contracted to the Advertising Company. The Client must have made payment in full before the Advertising Company will be permitted to promote its store. Failure to pay the amount of the advertisement package will automatically void the contract.

  • Cancellation by the Advertisers: The Advertiser is authorized to cancel or decline the promotions of clients if they did not comply with the requirements of the Advertising Company. Failure to pay the advertisement package will automatically void the contract.


  • Cancellation by the Clients: The Client may cancel their promotions at any time by written notice to the Advertising Company however; the fees are non-refundable.

The Advertiser is only liable for the online advertising services if these are caused by fault of the Advertiser. However, the advertiser is not responsible for any misleading content from the said advertisements. Whereas, the Client will be liable for the said negligence upon submission of the content and the advertisers will not be held accountable for it.

It is understood that other parties cannot sign this Agreement without the consent of the party involved. That this Agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties relating to the subject matter contained herein and supersedes any all-prior agreements, arrangement, communication, or representations, whether oral or written. This Agreement may not be amended, altered, modified, or changed except through a written document signed by both parties.