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All these Malls around the Philippines such as SM, Robinson's, Ayala Malls, City Malls, Star Malls, Magic Star Malls, and NCC. You can choose where you want to shop because all our partnership malls are available everywhere in the Philippines.

Because WSAP (Wedding Suppliers Association of the Philippines) established Philippine Malls Directory, it provides another forum for other WSAP firm to promote forthcoming WSAP Events.

We are gladly accepting partnership with different malls. Through us, Philippine Malls Directory, we can help promote malls and help them establish customer's trust so that they can look for a mall and can shop to whatever they want.

Great News! Philippine Malls Directory glad to welcome everyone to participate in our posted events. 

Yes! One of the primary goal of Philippine Malls Directory is to bring malls all over the Philippines to our customers.. Where you can shop at any malls in different areas of the Philippines. 

Yes, we are currently looking for different stores that wants to promote their business with us. Philippine Malls Directory is the one to trust.

Yes, we are currently open for brands/store that wants to be promoted to our website. Click the services tab in the menu above to see more about the advertisement package.